Resizing Pictures - Smaller

There are various ways to resize pictures in photoshop. This will show the two ways I resize pictures to make them smaller. If you want to resize bigger, check out the tutorial I have.

First Way - Resizing the whole picture
1. Open your picture and go up to Image - Resize Image.

2. Input your preferred size. I usually resize to 500 for tumblr and 600 for facebook.
The width will automatically resize the height when they are linked together. It keeps the image's sides scale.

Second Way - Using the cropping tool
1. Click on the cropping tool.
2. Input your preferred dimensions in the top navigation bar.

3. For tumblr I usually set it to 500px and 300px for image sets and 500px and 600px for solo images.
4. To resize, click and hold down the mouse while draggin the selection over the image you want to crop and resize.
Example Image

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