Simple & Quick Zombie

1. Open your picture. Go to Vibrance, change saturation to -40 (or lower).

2. Merge layers. Click on the Burn Tool. Set to 30-70px (adjust as needed) at 10% exposure. Go over the lips, eyes, make bruises and dirt spots. Anything to look grungy and straight from the coffin.

3. Merge layers. Using the colors provided (570750, 415707, 203757, 4B0000), make random dots and shapes with a small solid brush. (For bruises, blood, discoloration, and mold/moss).

4. Go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur. Set to 18 (whatever works best).

5. Duplicate the layer (so you have two). Set one to Soft Light, the other to Hue. Both at 60% opacity.

6. Merge layers. Make a spot with dark red (optionally) around the mouth or nose, ears, etc. Then smudge it. It could be freshly killed and eaten blood or wound blood. Doesn't matter~

7. Go over the blood with the burn tool at the same settings as before.

8. Merge layers. Use the Sponge tool, set to desaturate, over the eyes. Then go over the eyes with the same burn tool used before.

9. Zoom in on the eyes, click on the Dodge Tool. Go over the eyes until they lighten like shown below. If needed, desaturate.

10. Merge layers if necessary. Duplicate the image layer, set to Soft Light at 50% opacity. Merge layers to finish. Sharpen if necessary.

Of course, you can add any edits/effects you want. I hope this was useful.

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