Glowing Autumn

Hi! Today I'll show you how to get this edit/coloring. Depending on the colors, the image will either have more of a purple/pink hue or a red/orange hue.

1. Open your image up. Click on Brightness/Contrast. Set Brightness to -20, contrast to 50. Of course, you should set it according to your picture.

2. Open Curves. Click twice, once at the top right and once at the bottom left. Set the top to Input 170, Output 200. Set the bottom to Input 66, Output 56.

3. make a new layer and set it to screen. Fill with #46321E.

4. Open Selective Color, set to the following:
Reds: Yellow -50
Yellows: Cyan -50, Yellow +35
Cyans: Cyan +100, Magenta +40, Yellow -10
Neutrals: Yellow -5

5. Create a new layer and set it to screen. Fill with #CA9AC1.

6. Duplicate the main image layer and slide it to the top. Go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur. Set to 45 or so, depending on your picture size. Set to Soft Light.

7. Merge all layers and you're done~ Here's a version that has more red. Same exact tutorial, just different pictures.

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