Adding Real Cat Ears

1. Open your picture, don't edit it. Search around for stock cat pictures (or cat ear pictures) that are in a similar or "close enough" to the hair color of your subject. Here is one I found: Don't edit yet.

2. Erase everything but the cat ears. I provided an image pack of the brushes I used at the bottom of this tutorial.

3. Re-position and resize the ears as needed to best fit the subject.

4. Double click on the ear layer, click on Color Overlay. Choose a color from the subject’s hair and set it Blend Mode to Color.

5. In Windows,hold the CTRL key, then click on the ear layer’s thumbnail. A selection in the shape of the ears will appear. If you can’t do that, click on the Magic Wand selection tool, select outside of the ears. Right click the selection, then click on invert. Adjust the brightness/contrast so the ears blend into the subjects hair. The selection will turn into a mask.

6. Merge all layer, duplicate the image twice. set the first layer to Screen at 50% opacity. Set the second layer to Soft Light at 80% opacity.

7. Merge all layers. Apply any edits you like~ You're done!

Brushes used:
Just make a selection around the brush, go to Edit - Define Brush Preset.

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