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Just so you all know, I have updated. I just haven’t posted a blog dedicated to the updates. I’ve never been one to blog or write long posts. I have revamped quite a few pages. Besides redoing the action previews, I have redone some actions that don’t seem to be playing properly. I have changed my tag/url credit on the resources that have the old url. Luckily I put my url in places that can easily be edited or covered.

If you go over to my tumblr, you’ll see a few updates. I posted two tutorials: restoring color and reflecting. The reflecting tutorial uses text as an example, but it works with subjects (people, animals, buildings, etc). I also posted a mini color scheme for those on tumblr.

I have been really busy lately with a new set of computer courses. Life isn’t has hectic as I’m used to, but there’s still a lot going on. My mom is somewhat doing well. She’s finally sticking to a healthy food regimen. She’s lost some weight but she’s hitting the weight-loss-wall and it’s sucky. I was sick for a few weeks, let’s just say I never listen to my own advice. Cold-air + open ear canals don’t mix.

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll try to post the tutorials here soon. I’ve been busy making a new layout for a tumblr, but I’ve hated all of them so far. It’s really not a layout, just coding, but it’s still stressful.

Stay safe! Sorry for any mistakes or grammatical errors, I hate proof-reading.

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