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So much has been happening in my life lately. Nothing but blow after blow of crap. It seems like life has nothing but negativity. Then, yesterday, I found out SHINee’s Jonghyun passed away. If you know me, you know SHINee has been my most favorite group since early 2009. Although Jong wasn’t my favorite member, he was such an important part of the group. It was hard when Chester died. LP got me through a lot of really bad years. Jonghyun, I’m devastated. When I found SHINee, I was instantly in love with the group and every member. They’re so talented and you can see the strong bond they have. Jonghyun was so dramatically hilarious. I was sure SHINee would be OT5 for the rest of my life. I hoped to see them in concert again. I am lucky I saw them as 5.

So, to Jonghyun, you did well. Please be happy.



I have made updates, I haven’t had time to post them here. I hope you are all well.
I want to change the layout and rearrange some pages to add in new content.
I think I’ll focus on that, rather than such depressing news.

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