A few updates

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I updated a lot of the pages with new images or old images with new links. If you find an error or missing picture, it will be fixed soon. I am going through every single page and they seem to be in working order now. I’m going to have to resize my layout to fit the new preview images I’ve uploaded. I’m in the process of making a new layout. One was made a week or so ago, but now I don’t like it and it doesn’t work well with my plans. More preview images and changing of categories/pages will happen within the upcoming week(s).

I don’t know how I’ll reorganize the tutorial pages, as in whether or not I’ll combine them. A new category has been added to the resource page, texture packs, which will be up soon. I also added a new brush pack and changed the preview images for the brush packs. I’ve decided to make brush packs and abr files into two separate resource pages so people won’t be confused. Some of my abr brushes cannot be made into packs since they require effects.

I lost, or can’t find, a few video files from my old computer. These were tutorials I planned on putting up. They’ll have to be redone, those videos and the coding pages/videos I had before. It’s a little bothersome, but it’s not too bad. I need to change my youtube name too.

As for me, life has been pretty busy here. I have been wanting to update the site, but it’s been so hot. With the heat and fires here, I haven’t been in the mood to go online a lot. It’s cooled down dramatically. Now I have to start preparing for my mom’s birthday, which is in a week. I’ll probably get the new layout up by the end of September or beginning of October.

I hope you’re all well!

A quick update…

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I am really busy, life is life as usual. I’ll update on that soon. I just wanted to say I am still going through each page individually to update it to this new site. Since photobucket changed it’s hotlinking rules, I have to save old images and upload them on other sites. I some instances, I have to redo tutorials because I can’t access their links.

So! Please do not click on any links that take you to photobucket…
1. I really don’t want them getting money from your views.
2. More importantly, the popups are horrendous now and I don’t want you getting a virus.

I am going through this as quickly as I can, but saving and uploading is taking forever. I hope you’re all well. I will be changing layouts soon. Stay safe! I’m dying from the heat here.

Welcome to the new Itsumo

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I have finally moved itsumo to it’s own domain, rather than leaving it as a subdomain. Although my original plans didn’t necessarily work out, I’m still pretty happy with the move. There are still many links that are not working properly, but most pages are up and without problems. I have to change all my action preview images, so my action page looks bad. Weirdly, I found quite a few content pages I never added to their assigned resource area. I don’t know whether I’ll be adding those pages up yet. I still have some rearranging to do.

I am still going to inform my affiliates of the new site, I’ve been too busy to go each site. I apologize for that. I’ll be sure to do so soon.

As for this new site, besides changing and removing a few things here and there, I was able to make my first update with new content. I made several colored, black and white, and transparent patterns. You can find those new patterns by clicking any of the images below.

They all repeat, so you won’t have to modify them in any way. I’ve been trying to use PaintShop Pro, since I received it in a special package with this computer. I haven’t used it in so long I don’t remember how to do anything. I just need to keep practicing since I’d feel guilty if it went to waste. Maybe I’ll post beginner tutorials as I learn. There are many tutorials I have made, including video tutorials, which will be posted soon.

I hope you’re all doing well! Stay safe~
I’ll get to commenting/informing soon!

Under major construction!

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This site is under major construction! I am still switching all links over to this url and trying to integrate all my pages into wordpress. I apologize for any errors or problems you might find!